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Student visa applications.
Work visa applications:
Post study work, essential skills, entrepreneur and work to residence.
Residence visa applications:
Family, skilled migrant and business categories.
​Refugee and asylum seeker status.
Compliance and unlawful status:
Section 61 requests, Ministerial appeals, Immigration Protection Tribunal Appeals


Airport pick up
Homestay arrangement


We assist clients in applying for a student visa in New Zealand.
Kindergarten: Junior 1
Elementary school: Year 2 –Year 7
Junior school: Year 8—Year 10
High school: Year 11—Year 13
Universities / Private Tertiary schools
Private tutoring
Career planning
Study tours

Why use an adviser?

SAVE MONEY. Immigration charge the same amount regardless of the outcome of your application. By using Swiftvisa, you can ensure that your application has the best chances of success, saving you time and money.

Why choose Swiftvisa Ltd?

BEST CHANCE FOR SUCCESS. Swiftvisa constantly reviews even the most difficult cases to ensure that their client's application gets the fastest possible results.

DOCUMENT SECURITY. Swiftvisa uses NZVault to store important client documents. NZVault has three layers of security: swipe card, key, and photograph. Swiftvisa also keep a log book of all passports held that clients must sign on collection. This is backed by their promise that your passport will be returned to you without delay when you ask for it.

We’ll call you!

We'll call you!
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