Terms of reference
The purpose of this document is to provide a clear set of guidelines when dealing with clients to ensure consistency and a high level of customer satisfaction.

Customer Service Goals

  • Provide a positive outcome for our clients in terms of their immigration goals.
  • Ensure correct and fair decision making process is followed for all applications lodged on our client’s behalf.

Client engagement

  • Initial consultation and assessment by adviser.
  • Ensure appropriate commitment is made to client.
  • Ensure client is always informed with the processing status.
  • Inform and prepare client in advance for any upcoming issues or verification procedures regarding the visa process (for example, phone interviews).
  • Ensure clients are well-aware of all documents before signing (for example, refund policy, complaint procedures and provide translations if necessary).
  • Creating and maintaining client files at all times.
  • Ensure each client will be assigned to a case manager, who will be the primary contact for the case.

Client Communication

  • Once we have established contact with client, take responsibility for the action taken.
  • If referred to a third person, follow up to be sure satisfaction has been achieved.
  • Be punctual for meetings and appointments as well as listening carefully to the client’s questions or requirements, take notes whenever possible.
  • Update the communication log on the client’s OneNote file after each contact.
  • Ensure to treat individual clients fairly, with dignity and courtesy.
  • Continuously develop the relationship with the client to avoid feelings of discrimination.
  • Provide professional call handling services utilising information to best help clients.
  • Provide interpreter and translation services for clients whenever there is a need to do so.
  • Returning clients’ inquiries within two (2) business days, if longer time required make sure the client will be informed within the two (2) business days the expected time frame for a response.

E-Mail Communication

  • Check email at regular intervals (e.g. hourly).
  • Aim to acknowledge all electronic mail within one (1) working day.
  • Aim to provide a detailed response to all electronic mail within five (5) working days.
  • Acknowledge within two (2) working days any emails which are unable to reply to within five (5) days. Include an anticipated response time and the reasons for the delay. Ensure the response is provided by the deadline.

Inbound Calls

  • Ensure all inbound calls are recorded with the date, time, name, purpose, and contact number of the caller. If the caller asks for a specific person, brief that person with the information before transferring the call.
  • If the specific staff member is not available to answer the call, ask the caller to give an appropriate time to call back, and pass the information to that staff member.

Client files

  • Create a consultation note in OneNote to record the initial consultation.
  • Create a OneNote client file once the client has engaged our services and copy the initial consultation note to the client’s file.
  • Ensure client file is accurate and up to date. Instructions given by clients need to be clearly recorded in the communication log.
  • For client related online accounts, ensure every password is unique (e.g. when registering INZ online service on behalf of  client) and provide the login information to the client on request.

Accounts and receiving professional fees

  • Ensure a proper invoice and receipt will be given to the client before and after payment.
  • Ensure a reasonable quote will be given to the client during the initial consultation.
  • Ensure a formal service agreement will be signed by both parties.
  • Ensure clients have understood and agreed with all the terms in the service agreement before signing (interpret and explain in other languages  if necessary) and provide the client with an opportunity to properly consider the agreement by seeking legal advice or a quote from a competitor.
  • Ensure clients have understood and agreed with our service fee structure and refund policy before signing the service agreement (interpret and explain  in other languages  if necessary).


  • When obtaining information, distinguish between first hand vs second hand information and ensure that we have the best available information.
  • Always be open, honest and truthful whilst protecting clients’ privacy.
  • All information held by the company will be subject to the rules and regulations set out in the internal privacy policy and The Privacy Act 1993.
  • Provide a copy of the internal privacy policy to clients on request.
  • The internal privacy policy must be reviewed on an annual basis by the nominated privacy officer.
  • Record the details of the currently nominated privacy officer in the internal privacy policy.


  • Ensure a reasonable time will be spend on Continuing Professional Development and that adequate resources and funds are available to facilitate Continuing Professional Development for all staff.
  • Ensure all staff have a clear knowledge of internal policies and procedures.
  • Prioritize client focus at all levels.
  • Ensure all methods of communications are traceable.
  • Be polite and friendly to clients whenever possible and have a clear understanding of their needs.
  • Ensure information provided to clients is correct and appropriate.
  • Ensure all immigration advice comes from the licensed adviser.
  • The “out of office” feature of outlook should be used when staff are on leave. Include details of another person for the client to contact during any absence.

Feedback and Complaints

  • Encourage all forms of feedback.
  • Inform clients about the complaint procedure if negative feedback has been provided.
  • Ensure all internal parties will be provided with same information when complaint has been recieved (including case manager, complaint officer and other relevant parties if necessary).
  • Ensure to follow the complaints policy when any form of complaint has been made.