Why choose studying in New Zealand?

Reasons to choose to study in New Zealand:

  • British Based Education System: the New Zealand education degrees are based on the British System, which is the most recognized education system in the world. However the study expenses are totally different.
  • Recognition by the Chinese Government: New Zealand Public University Certificates have recognition by the Chinese Government and all 8 public universities have a great reputation around the world.
  • Multi Cultural: As New Zealand is an immigrant country, if you study in here, you will meet many people from different countries.
  • Work while you study: During your study, all students on a student visa can work up to 20 hours per week. Most education institutions offer student job services to help students find part time work.
  • Opportunity to settle permanently in New Zealand: After a student has finished their study, the student can apply for a 12-month open work visa under the study to work instructions. The student can look for a job and if the job offer meets the policy required, the student can apply for permanent residence in New Zealand.
  • Easy travel to neighbouring countries: During your gap times, you can easily apply for a visitor visa to enjoy a holiday in a number of great holiday destinations. Reasonably priced airfares and accommodation will get you to places like Fiji, Samoa and Australia, which are only a few hours away.

Student Benefit
New Zealand has an international reputation as provider of quality education. It offers a great learning environment, which provides excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. There are many different courses for academic, professional or vocational studies at different education institutions.


Swiftvisa has relationships with a number of schools in New Zealand and is able to assist you with choosing a course of study most suited to your career and immigration goals.

  • Academic Colleges Group (ACG) New Zealand International College
  • Auckland Institute of Studies (AIS) St. Helens
  • Cornell Institute of Business & Technology
  • Crown Institute of Studies
  • NSIA
  • New Zealand Institute of Studies
  • NZMA
  • Queens Academic Group (QAG)
  • Unitec
  • Waikato Institute of Education
  • ACG Yoobee School of Design