Why choose us?

Damon takes a no holds barred approach in that he will follow through quickly and to the highest level when necessary to ensure that his client’s case is assessed properly and in accordance with immigration policy. If a PPI is inadequate, you can be confident that Damon will advise Immigration that their PPI is un-lawful and no response will be given until the situation is resolved.

Our year to date statistics show a success rate of 97.6%

For applications lodged by advisers the average approval rate is 93.14%* and the average failed lodgement rate is 4.85%*. Our adviser’s approval rate is 98.6% and failed lodgement rate is zero for 2015.

While we are proud of these stats, we are always looking to improve and we are constantly striving to identify areas to will improve our lodgement process and approval rate.

We also never “cherry pick” cases based on the chance of success. An illustration of this fact is our student visa stats. A large percentage of SV applications we take on have potential issues, yet our success rate in this stream is better than 99% for on shore applications.

Total applications submitted in 2015: 144 

Off-shore applications: 11
Failed lodgements: 0
Declined: 2

Section 61
Total applications submitted: 2
Refused to consider: 1

*Statistics obtained from the Immigration Advisers Authority

New Zealand as a migrant destination

Despite global financial turmoil, New Zealand has remained economically strong. Employment levels have slipped globally and New Zealand is no different in that regard however, the New Zealand Government is committed to brand New Zealand and is constantly striving to forge free trade agreements. A notable recent free trade agreement was forged with economic powerhouse, China, in 2008 and Hong Kong in 2011. Previous free trade agreements were reached with Thailand, Chile, Brunei and Singapore in the Trans-pacific Strategic Economic Partnership.

Stable monetary policy, free trade agreements and government support of Brand New Zealand means that potential migrants have many opportunities to establish themselves in New Zealand. The government is also constantly reviewing the employment market to identify areas of skill shortages. With this information we can assist you in migrating to New Zealand with your existing skills, or suggest training or re-training if you are new to the employment market or considering a career change.

New Zealand Culture

New Zealand was colonised by the British in the mid 19th century and as a result, New Zealand has a mix of British and Māori culture. Because of liberal immigration policy, the demographics are constantly changing. Asian culture has an established presence which has resulted in Asian cultural observations such as the Chinese Lantern Festival held yearly in Auckland’s Albert park.

New Zealanders – Kiwis, like to be known for ingenuity, sometimes referred to as the “number 8 wire mentality” (number 8 wire is popularly used as fencing in rural New Zealand) the premise of which is that Kiwi’s can invent or fix anything with whatever they happen to have lying around.

The weekend activities in New Zealand range from BBQs, fishing and beach adventures in the summer, to rugby, skiing and hot pools in the winter. The extremely varied seasons and environment make for a wealth of outdoor activities.